what's good? I'm Jess
I’ve been doing this designing thing since I can remember. I don’t have much of a way with words, but I’ve got this thing for a pencil & paper. Well, more like an Apple Pencil & iPad. I love finding easier ways to design and even helping others do the same thing.


To give you more insight about myself, I have always been a creative. This is the cheesiest part, but the easiest way to put it. My dad got me into drawing when I was actually 5 years old and  honestly, I really haven't stopped. I swear it's the truth, no lies!
I had went to Humber College to pursue Interior Design but I actually didn't get accepted. They ended up referring me to try the Design Foundations program with a mix of interior design, packaging design, industrial design, and graphic design. I think you can guess where I ended up? I realized I really had a thing for typography and illustrating.
So here I am, currently freelancing, always open to new challenges and opportunities that come my way. I may not have figured it out right away, but this is something that is perfect for me.